Webers Arrow Pharmacy

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    This business appeared in the 19201921 and 1923 Chandler City Directories and would become one of the city's longest running businesses. Proprietor was John B. Weber, who was also a member of the City Council, according to the 1920 directory.

    He was also listed as the proprietor in 1921.

    The pharmacy, later known as Arrow Pharmacy, was at the southwest corner of Arizona Avenue and Boston, at 11 W. Boston St. The business operated almost 90 years, finally closing in 2005. In 2013, it housed a bridal store. Originally owned by John "Doc" Weber, it provided medicine and treats at a popular soda fountain.

    For a photo and copy of a plaque outside the building go to

    The 1923 directory said it was on Boston, at the corner of Arizona Ave.


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