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    AZ-REP-1-12-1890-p3.jpg 01-12-1891,
    Arizona Republican
    Will Enlarge the Canal
    AZ-REP-1-13-1890-p1(1).jpg 01-13-1891,
    Arizona Republican
    The Mesa Canals: Work Begins on Inprovements
    Tombstone Daily Prospector
    TOM-DP-1-25-1891-p1.jpg 01-25-1891,
    Daily Prospector
    Gila Bend Party
    TOM-EP-1-25-1891-p1.jpg 01-25-1891,
    Tombstone Epitaph
    Gila Bend Party
    P-RU-PR-2-14-91-p134-0.jpg 02-14-1891, Pacific Rural Press Fruit Varieties in Arizona
    SF_CALL_3_21_1891_p1.jpg 03-21-1891, San Francisco Call Arizona Appointments
    TOM-EP-3-22-1891-p8(1).jpg 03-22-1891,
    Tombstone Epitaph
    Another Accout of the 16th Legislature
    LAH_1891_12_29.1.8.jpg 12-29-1891, Los Angeles Herald
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