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    How did Chandler residents stay cool before air conditioning? 
    Were any Chandler residents involved in D-Day? 
    Why does Chandler produce so many talented athletes? 
    What happened to Compadre Stadium? 
    Are there any Chandler residents who have made worldwide impacts? (Olive Goodykoontz) 
    Why was Chandler called the New Pasadena? 
    What are people saying about Chandler? (collection of statements from outsiders and residents over time about the city) 
    How did early San Marcos Hotel visitors travel to Chandler? 
    What did people do for fun in Chandler? 
    Has it ever snowed in Chandler? 
    When did photographer Dorothea Lange visit Chandler? 
    What was the role of the Chandler Service Club? 
    How has Chandler contributed to Arizona's Five Cs? 
    When did Chandler become a hub for technology and innovation? 
    How did Chandler's cotton play a role in World War I? 
    What is ChandlerpediA? 
    Does the museum have any oral histories?

    How did Dr. Chandler bring water to the East Valley?
    What was Chandler Ranch?
    How did Dr. Chandler purchase an 18,000 acre ranch?
    Why is Dr. Chandler considered a solar energy pioneer?
    Why is the San Marcos Golf course considered an important golf course?
    What was the Chandler Improvement Company?
    Who built the San Marcos Hotel?
    Who was Grace Pearly Robinson?
    What was the role of cotton in Chandler's history?

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