Chandler United Methodist Church

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    Members first observed a Sunday at the new  Chandler Methodist Community Church on Jan. 20, 1913.  Founders included Kramer M. Gilbert,  Bessie Gilbert, and Thompson Alexander Knox and members of the Sossaman family.

      The church began in a a wooden building on two downtown lots on west Chandler Blvd. that had canvas window flaps that were lowered or raised, depending on the weather. Windows replaced the canvas flaps in 1938. In 1959 the building was sold for $1 to a Mormon congregation and moved to Maricopa. The church by then had built a mission style building.

    In 2008 the church, now called Chandler United Methodist, moved to 450 E. Chandler Heights Road.

    --Arizona Republic, "Chandler Methodist church to celebrate 100 years on Sunday," Jan. 18, 2013

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