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    Perry High School, c. 2007 (

    Perry High School opened its doors in 2007. Located at Queen Creek and Val Vista, Perry was the last of three high schools that opened to accomadate Chandler's growing population, with Hamilton and Basha being the others. Perry prides itself on giving students access to technology in the classroom. Campus-wide WiFi, eleven different computer labs, and CPS chalkboards in every classroom are just a few of the technological advantages Perry offers ( Perry High also possesses one of the top drama programs in the state of Arizona. 
    More than 2,000 students are enrolled at Perry. The three core values of the school are: Pride, Progress, and Purpose. A Puma is to develop Pride in "themselves, their school, and their community"; demonstrate Progress "in their ability to think critically in a technologically advanced society"; and realize "their Purpose as a responsible citizen" ( 

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