Jones, Thomas R.

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    SPOUSES: Estella F. Jones



    He appears in the 19171918 and 1919 Chandler City Directories  as a farmer.

    -A carload of furniture, farming implements, and livestock arrived here this week from Santa Maria, California.  The carload belongs to Mr. Jones, who has 40 acres north of town.  His family will come in a few days, and make their future home in Chandler.  He has been renting, but will now go into farming.  (Chandler Arizonan 4/4/1913)

    -Mr. Jones with Walter Smith have leased 40 acres of alfalfa field north of town owned by J.R. Halstead.  Both men have 40 acres a peice, and will use the additional 40 for dairying.  They will buy a number of cows to get started.  (Chandler Arizonan 4/25/1913)

    -Mr. Jones is starting up a small herd of milk cows, and will start a dairying business.  (Chandler Arizonan 5/2/1913

    -The family is now settled in a bungalow in a cottonwood grove on a canal, one mile from Chandler.  (Chandler Arizonan 5/2/1913)

    -Mr. Jones with Walter Smith have put in a fine crop of hay on the 40 acre tract leased from Mr. Halstead.  (Chandler Arizonan 5/16/1913)


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